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Health Benefits Of The African Star Apple(Udara)

Agbalumo is a fruit found in some part of Africa. Agbalumo is it yoruba name, and igbo called the fruit udara. Scientifically called chrysophyllum albidum. its sub-spherical in shape with edible sweet fruit pulp and usually contains 5 seeds. Here are some health benefits.
The bark is used for yellow fever, cough, iceterus.

The cotyledon of the in-seed can be use as ointment in treating vaginal and dermatological infection in western Nigeria.
It contains vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids and phytochemical.
It have higher content of ascorbic acid than orange and guava.

The leaves is good for malaria, high blood pressure, and anemia.
It is a good source of anti bacteria thus fight against common bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus e.t.c.

Its a good source of vitamins, iron, flavours to diet.
Good for toothache, constipation, sore throat.

Recent research at college of science and technology, biology science department in covenant university Ogun state in Nigeria showed that it lowered blood sugar and cholesterol, and could be useful in preventing and treating heart diseases.
very sweet, sweet or sour provide essential nutrient for the body. Take more.

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