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Some Categories of Ladies To Avoid In Order Not To Go Broke

The rate at which women drain men financially is high; there are some ladies that would basically wreck you the moment you meet them.
They are always in dire need of money and would always bring up some story as to why they need your financial assistance. Some ladies have made it a point of duty to rob men of their money and have as much as they can from them while they are dating.
Some even go on to milk the men when they have not started dating them. There are various names given to men who are kept for this purpose; some are called maga , some are termed ATM.
It is pathetic knowing that men are often cheated this way and rubbed emotionally in the process. If you want to know how to save as much as you can, then there are certain ladies you should steer clear of. We understand that it may be important for you to be in a relationship, it would also be nice for you to know the groups of ladies that may drain you if you go into that relationship.

Find below the categories of ladies you should avoid if you do not want to go broke:

1. Ladies who are always broke.
You should avoid dating ladies like this. They are always broke and would whine and pine about their financial situation as if they are the only people affected by the economy. Dating ladies like this would make you run out of cash quickly as you would be solely responsible for their basic needs.

2. Ladies who are materialistic.
Ladies that are materialistic are always interested in buying things. It does not matter whether they have a green scarf as they would go on buying different shades of green.
Ladies like these are always concerned about their hair, their makeup and would strive for perfection at the expense of your pocket. If you do not want to get broke, avoid dating ladies like these.

3. Ladies who are too Forward
Some ladies are so forward; as soon as you meet them, they want to know your worth and would ask questions about your finances. As soon as you meet ladies like these, please run for the love of God as they would not leave you until you have nothing else to spend again.

4. Ladies who are unappreciative.
There are some ladies that are naturally unappreciative; there is nothing you do for them that would make say thank you. As a matter of fact, they have a way of making men feel they have not done enough because there are other men out there who could do more.
If you meet a woman who is like this, do not spend a minute trying to see if you could date her, move on as soon as possible.

5. Ladies who act nice only when you give them money.
Another group of ladies you should avoid dating are those ladies that become sweet when you give them money. They bring up all sorts of pet names and start to croon over you as soon as they see you with money.
Ladies like this cannot withstand the test of time as the clause ‘for better for worse’ does not apply to them.

6. Ladies who are hungry.
An interesting group of ladies you should avoid are those who have an excessive craving for food. They would always want to meet you at the restaurants and order far more than they can eat. They are greedy; once they identify you as a potential
maga, they would invite their friends the next time you ask them out on a date. That means you are on a money spending spree.

7. Ladies who are sexually hyperactive
Another group of ladies you should avoid totally are those who are sexually hyperactive. While many men would kill for the opportunity to date ladies like that, they are also at risk of being drained financially.
If you cannot take care of them, they would move on to other men who can. And that would only happen after you must have spent a fortune taking care of them financially.

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