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SPORTS: Enyeama, Emenike Return To Eagles

FORMER Super Eagles keeper, Vincent Enyeama of Lille FC France, and striker Emmanuel Emenike of West Ham are set to don the colours of Nigeria again.
Eyeama who threw in the towel last year when Sunday Oliseh was coach of the Eagles will play for Nigeria again next week.

However, Enyeama is going to wear his gloves for the Joseph Yobo Testimonial match billed to take place on May 27 at the Adokiye Amesimeka Stadium in Port Harcourt.
He will feature for the Nigerian team against Yobo’s friends. Event coordinator, Waidi Akanni confirmed yesterday that Enyeama was ready for the testimonial game.
“We have a confirmation to that effect and there are many other goodies lined up for fans because Yobo is so passionate about this project,” Akanni said.
Another player who retired from Eagles last year, Emmanuel Emenike, has also confirmed to hit Port Harcourt for the Yobo Testimonial match.

“Emmanuel is coming. He spoke with me personally and I am so elated with the love shown by my colleagues,” the former international said. Top players who made name in various European leagues especially the EPL will be in Port Harcourt for the match. The list of those who have confirmed for the testimonial include Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba, John Terry, Thierry Henry and Wayne Rooney, the Ayew Brothers: Dede and Jordan, Sulley Muntari, Djibrin Cisse and Tresor Lualua amongst others. Yobo featured at three FIFA World Cups and six AFCON tournaments, leading Nigeria to victory in his last outing in South Africa.
Some of the corporate bodies who have indicated their support for the Joseph Yobo Centenary Game include, Sifax Group, NICON Insurance and Beko Electronics Ltd.

The Joseph Yobo Foundation is in partnership with Rivers State Government for the Centenary Game at the Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium in the Garden City.

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SPORTS: Iheanacho Demands N58m Weekly

The agents of Kelechi Iheanacho have demanded a bumper new Manchester City contract that will pay the Nigeria starlet a mind-blowing £200,000 a week over five years.
“He has deserved his keep at City as he is now one of the most effective forwards in the whole of Europe when you put his game time against the number of his goals,” a top source argued.

The 19-year-old Nigeria international has netted 13 goals in all competitions this season with seven of them in the Premier League.
In October, Manchester City offered Iheanacho £50,000 a week.
City have opened talks with Iheanacho’s handlers over a new contract after he justified his 


promotion to the first team at The Etihad with goals and five-star displays in his debut season in the English Premier League.

We have further learnt that Iheanacho is currently earning “between £10,000 and £18,000 a week” after coming through the City youth ranks.
The least paid City first-teamer is on £180,000 a week with the biggest earner at the club Yaya Toure pocketing almost twice that sum.
Iheanacho is expected to bag a new contract by July. 

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5 Rules to Avoid Trouble on Facebook

Facebook has abruptly ended many loving relationships. This is not only restricted to singles but also married people. There have been reports of how Facebook has wrecked relationships due to the ease at which users meet new friends and reconnect with their exes. Hence, partners have to be conscious and careful with the way they use social media. Here are some rules you can religiously follow to prevent getting into trouble while using Facebook.

Be careful when changing your relationship status
The relationship status on Facebook includes single, married, In a relationship, and complicated. So, you have to be careful in choosing your relationship status. If you are dating, your partner expects you to change your relationship status. In this case, if you don’t, he may suspect that you have ulterior motives for not changing the status. Also, do not be in a hurry to change your relationship status if you have a fight. It is better to select a status that corresponds to your relationship status.

Don't take your arguments public
When couples or lovers 'fight', some take it to Facebook. They exchange nasty public messages which may be triggered by one of the partners who puts up posts supposedly referring to the other. You may feel hurt due to whatever he/she did, it doesn't mean you should take it online. Facebook will only exacerbate the arguments leading to an undesirable break up.

Don't befriend your ex
The easiest way to connect with your ex is on Facebook. If you do, you may put yourself in a very uncomfortable situation with your present lover. Even if you still have feelings for him, it is better not to accept his friend's request and stay away. Accepting his request can mean trouble as he will have complete access to your profile as well as your phone number. This is when he begins to beep every day which may lead your guy to begin to suspect you.
Tag only people you know in your pictures. 
There is no gainsaying that women like pictures. They post different pictures on Facebook including the one they aren't meant to post. Some have posted selfies with their ex. If by any chance your partner sees the photo while browsing through your profile, it may probably lead to a dispute. You will not be helped if he is a jealous type.

Don't be online 24/7
You may appear to be online but that does not necessarily mean that you will reply chat messages. Your partner will be wondering what you are doing online when you meant to be sleeping or engaged in something else. It is better to go offline completely when you are idle.

Forex: CBN throws Naira into open market, nullifies N197/$ exchange rate

ABUJA — The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday, announced a flexible exchange rate regime aimed at making foreign currencies more accessible.
With this action, the CBN has nullified the official exchange rate regime of N197/dollar.
The CBN took the measure following severe pressures on external reserve and foreign exchange supply crisis.
Governor of the CBN, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, who announced this at the end of the Monetary Policy Meeting, in Abuja, also said the Monetary Policy Rate, MPR, was retained at 12 per cent; Cash Reserve Ratio, 22.5 per cent; and Liquidity Ratio, 30 per cent.


In the face of severe pressures on external reserves and foreign exchange supply crises, the CBN abandoned its fixed rate policy in favour of a flexible and multiple market model, which implied a floating exchange rate regime.
The apex bank’s Monetary Policy Committee, MPC, which made this decision, chose to retain its Monetary Policy Rate, MPR, at 12 per cent, Cash Reserve Ratio, CRR, at 22.5 per cent and Liquidity Ratio at 30 per cent.
Details of the new foreign exchange market policy, according to the CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, would be released in due course.
He, however, said the apex bank would retain a special window to fund critical transactions in foreign exchange, which would likely attract a concessionary rate.
By this development, the interbank foreign exchange market, which has been dead for sometime now, is revitalised on unrestricted exchange rate basis, while the Bureaux de Change, BDCs, would continue their operations, thus creating multiple exchange windows.
He, however, ruled out any consideration for channelling foreign exchange to the BDCs.
Briefing the media after the MPC meeting, Emefiele explained that “the MPC voted unanimously to adopt a flexible exchange rate policy to restore the automatic adjustment properties of the exchange rate,” adding that it voted also to “retain a small window for funding critical transactions” and that “details of operations of the market would be released by the Central Bank at the appropriate time.”
Policy implications
By the new exchange rate regime, CBN would allow the Naira to float against the US dollar at the inter-bank market, rather than holding on to a fixed peg.
What this means, however, is that buyers of foreign exchange for importation of goods, holiday, school fees, medical tourism, online payments etc, will have to source from the inter-bank market-determined rates and will no longer be able to buy forex at N199 or whatever official rate the CBN decides to adopt.
By this development, the parallel market would have been suppressed, while there would be a near rate convergence among the different market segments except the special window.
It also means that round tripping and arbitrage have been curtailed.
However, exchange rate is expected to spike, even as many dealers have already speculated that rates would go up by over 50 per cent today.
Analysts at Nairametrics said yesterday: “It is unclear how this will work as the CBN will need to put a massive structural operational framework in place to ensure this works perfectly.
“A market determined rate will also require strong regulations around a market that involves everyone with prices that are market determined.
“One expects the black market to disappear as all you need to do is walk to the bank and ask to buy forex at the market rate."

Analysts questioned the wisdom of announcing a major shift in policy without spelling out how to implement it.
“Any real liberalisation would be accompanied by some tightening, as a stabilisation measure, at least in the short term,” said Razia Khan, Chief Africa Economist at Standard Chartered in London.
“That does not appear to have been considered. This is at best curious, at worst very worrying.”
Reacting to the development, analysts from Cowry Assets Management Limited said: “The CBN adopted a more flexible exchange rate policy. A flexible exchange-rate system is a monetary system that allows the exchange rate to be determined by supply and demand.

“In our opinion, the policy decisions will impact the economy on several fronts: We expect current inflationary pressure will continue unrestrained as budgetary disbursement commences. Also, Interest Rate is expected to continue to hover at current levels with an increased double digit outlook. Likely increase in liquidity mop up through Open Market Operation in response to expected increase in budgetary spending. Naira will remain under pressure ,as market forces adjust the fixed CBN’s clearing rate to a more realistic parallel market rate.  There will likely be foreign exchange inflows from domiciliary accounts estimated at USD20 billion as currency exchange risk minimises and capital market activities expected to witness gradual recovery as foreign exchange risk diminishes, with the adoption of a more flexible exchange rate regime.”
Inflation to spike further
However, analysts at Vetiva Capital Management expect inflation to spike in the near term. They said that “it is clear that the MPC has chosen its battle carefully, deciding to loosen one of the key impediments to economic growth (the FX illiquidity). Following from this, we expect the inflation picture to worsen in the near term as a result of the emergence of a new exchange rate to consumer prices. Like we had noted in our April inflation note, we expect inflation to recoil in 2017 from base effects. We believe this view could have further emboldened the MPC’s resolve to adopt the more flexible FX framework."
Markets to cheer development, stocks, bonds to rally
The Vetiva analysts added: “We recall that financial markets had rallied shortly after the announcement of the liberalization of the Downstream Petroleum sector, partly in expectation of an official pronouncement on the FX framework. Now that the news is official, we expect a knee-jerk reaction to push equity and fixed income markets higher in the coming sessions, pending the unveiling of the new framework by the CBN. Any sustainability, thereafter, would be determined by how markets assess the new framework and its prospects of improving forex liquidity. Overall, we view this development as positive for Nigeria.”
LCCI demands clarification of ‘special window for critical transactions’
The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, yesterday, applauded the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for its new foreign exchange rate policy but demanded that the bank should clarify what it described as a special window for critical transactions for which preferential rates will apply.
In a statement, Muda Yusuf, Director-General of LCCI, said: “LCCI commends the decision of the CBN for the adoption of a flexible exchange rate regime at its recent Monetary Policy Committee meeting, because of its benefits to the economy.
“However, we would like CBN to clarify the window for critical transactions because of possible abuse and distortions that such a window could create. It could pose a risk to the entire system. We would like to be assured that the window for the critical transactions will be managed transparently and in a manner that will not create distortions in the economy.
“We also welcome the decision of the CBN to refrain from further tightening of monetary policy at this time.
“However, as the CBN articulates the framework for the new forex regime, we propose that due consideration should be given to the following:

“The economy desires a transparent FOREX market which guarantees a level playing fields for all investors. Need for clarity on what the CBN describes as a special window for critical transactions for which preferential rates will apply. We would like to caution against possible abuse and distortions that such a window could create. It could pose a risk to the entire system. We would like to be assured that the window for the critical transactions will be managed transparently and in a manner that will not create distortions in the economy.
“Export proceeds, capital importation and diaspora remittances should be allowed into the economy through the autonomous window at prevailing market rates. And the owners of such funds should have unhindered access to their funds.
“CBN should revisit the list of items that have been placed on exclusion list of the forex market. Many critical inputs of manufacturing companies are on the list and this has crippled the operations of such companies creating significant job and output losses,” he said.
Pressure on CBN
The apex bank has been under immense pressures from the International Monetary Fund, IMF, some financial analysts and interests that represented foreign investors to devalue the Naira.

The Buhari administration has until now resisted the calls, explaining that being an import-dependent nation, it did not see how such a strategy would benefit the economy.
In fact, it argued that the Nigerian economy would be worse off with a further devaluation of the Naira.
Weak economy

Mr. Emefiele said the economy had been weakened to the point of contraction which was aggravated by the delay in the passage of the 2016 budget that should have provided the needed fiscal stimulus. The fuel crisis, increase in electricity tariff, high unemployment rate were identified as factors that led to the over 13 per cent current inflation level.
The governor said: “The committee (MPC) acknowledged a severely weakened macroeconomic environment as reflected particularly by the inflationary pressures, contraction in real output and rise in unemployment.

“Unfortunately the delay in the passage of the 2016 budget constrained the much-desired fiscal stimulus, thus edging the economy towards contractionary output.”
He pledged, however, that “the CBN would deploy all its instruments with the hope of keeping the economy afloat.”
NESG worries over economy
“Having a flexible interbank market is a good step in the right direction. The decision by the MPC to embrace flexible option for the interbank market is laudable and this is indicative of much more relief for the overheated forex market. With the reintroduction of flexible foreign exchange market, we expect, in due time, to see more forex inflow through diaspora remittances and foreign investment.
“We appeal to the CBN to ensure that the new policy is implemented as quickby as possible so as to stem the sliding tide. We opine that the small window for funding critical transaction being proposed by the CBN should be limited to government transactions only, especially in the area of infrastructure development.”
Banks unsure of what happens today
Most of the bankers that spoke to
ExclusiveGist appear unsure of what the market direction would be today or this week in respect of foreign exchange trading.

President of the bank treasurers’ association, Mr. David Adepoju, said bankers would not trade outside the existing policy as CBN had not rolled out the details of the new policy.
According to him, if the apex bank allocates foreign exchange on the basis of the existing policy which fixed exchange rate at between N197 and N199 to USD1 the banks would stay on that official rate.

However, a treasurer in one of the banks told ExclusiveGist that from today, there would be dual rates in the banks where the official rate might persist on foreign exchange supplied by CBN at the official rate, while independently sourced foreign exchange would trade at market rate ranging from N300 to about N350 to USD1.

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Some Categories of Ladies To Avoid In Order Not To Go Broke

The rate at which women drain men financially is high; there are some ladies that would basically wreck you the moment you meet them.
They are always in dire need of money and would always bring up some story as to why they need your financial assistance. Some ladies have made it a point of duty to rob men of their money and have as much as they can from them while they are dating.
Some even go on to milk the men when they have not started dating them. There are various names given to men who are kept for this purpose; some are called maga , some are termed ATM.
It is pathetic knowing that men are often cheated this way and rubbed emotionally in the process. If you want to know how to save as much as you can, then there are certain ladies you should steer clear of. We understand that it may be important for you to be in a relationship, it would also be nice for you to know the groups of ladies that may drain you if you go into that relationship.

Find below the categories of ladies you should avoid if you do not want to go broke:

1. Ladies who are always broke.
You should avoid dating ladies like this. They are always broke and would whine and pine about their financial situation as if they are the only people affected by the economy. Dating ladies like this would make you run out of cash quickly as you would be solely responsible for their basic needs.

2. Ladies who are materialistic.
Ladies that are materialistic are always interested in buying things. It does not matter whether they have a green scarf as they would go on buying different shades of green.
Ladies like these are always concerned about their hair, their makeup and would strive for perfection at the expense of your pocket. If you do not want to get broke, avoid dating ladies like these.

3. Ladies who are too Forward
Some ladies are so forward; as soon as you meet them, they want to know your worth and would ask questions about your finances. As soon as you meet ladies like these, please run for the love of God as they would not leave you until you have nothing else to spend again.

4. Ladies who are unappreciative.
There are some ladies that are naturally unappreciative; there is nothing you do for them that would make say thank you. As a matter of fact, they have a way of making men feel they have not done enough because there are other men out there who could do more.
If you meet a woman who is like this, do not spend a minute trying to see if you could date her, move on as soon as possible.

5. Ladies who act nice only when you give them money.
Another group of ladies you should avoid dating are those ladies that become sweet when you give them money. They bring up all sorts of pet names and start to croon over you as soon as they see you with money.
Ladies like this cannot withstand the test of time as the clause ‘for better for worse’ does not apply to them.

6. Ladies who are hungry.
An interesting group of ladies you should avoid are those who have an excessive craving for food. They would always want to meet you at the restaurants and order far more than they can eat. They are greedy; once they identify you as a potential
maga, they would invite their friends the next time you ask them out on a date. That means you are on a money spending spree.

7. Ladies who are sexually hyperactive
Another group of ladies you should avoid totally are those who are sexually hyperactive. While many men would kill for the opportunity to date ladies like that, they are also at risk of being drained financially.
If you cannot take care of them, they would move on to other men who can. And that would only happen after you must have spent a fortune taking care of them financially.

5 solid ways in which women contribute to domestic violence

Domestic violence has become a viral issue in the society now with many women starting to speak up on the abuse they have suffered while with their husbands and in their matrimonial homes.
Many women have lost their lives to this domestic violence while many has suffered bouts of pains and emotional trauma as a result of the constant battering they receive from their spouses.
While the men who beat their wives have been called demons and beasts as a result of their actions, it would be wise for us to carefully examine this issue and put the blames where they ought to.
The society should stop painting the men as the bad one, while they have been called beasts, it would also do us good to consider the role of the women who made the men turn them into animals with their constant battering and beatings.
Please do not take it the wrong way, domestic violence is bad and no woman should have to go through it. It is a terrible experience that may have an everlasting impact on a woman’s mental health.
Find below some of the reasons why women are considered to be a major cause of domestic violence:
1. Nonchalant attitude
Most women who suffer domestic violence must have somehow seen the signs while they were dating their husbands. But many women prefer to live under the illusion that the men would change or they are probably madly in love with them. Love is not aggressive, it is kind. Love would not hit you hard and make you lose your mind.
Some women have been hit by their partners during courtship, yet they make up excuses for them and still walk down the aisle. A man who beats you before marriage could kill you as soon as you become his wife.
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2. Thirst for materialism
Some women do not want to live within the means of their husbands and end up bruising the men’s ego. They are too sophisticated for the men they are married too and confront the men with this point.
Some women make their husbands feel worthless while shun theirs openly. Attitudes like these could frustrate anyone and bring out the beasts in them.
3. Infidelity
It is not appropriate for anyone to cheat within the clause of marriage; the society promotes men as philanderers who cannot be checked as a result of their sex. This could hurt a woman and also push her to explore that option too.
As women, if you must cheat, please endeavor to do things the proper way. If you are tired of that union, find your way out peacefully. But do not ever mock your husbands by flaunting your extramarital affairs in their faces. Those that tried it are six feet under the ground, and those who lived to tell their own tales are not healthy now.
4. Unchecked utterances
Women are known to be loud most times with many nagging every little chance they have. Certain words spoken by women also infuriate the men and could make them go beyond their limits.
The tongue is a sharp sword; some use their tongues to bring down their husbands and make them depressed. Do not use yours to destroy your home. Although this is not a justification on the men’s part, it would be wise for the women to steer clear of things that may birth trouble in that marriage.

5. Failure to leave an abusive marriage
We understand that most of the women in our society are good mothers ‘ abiyamo ’, we implore you to stop using your children as an excuse to put up with domestic violence and abuses in your marriage.
These children would grow up and become what God wants them to be. If you die during a fatal domestic violence, these kids’ lives continue. Women find different excuses to stay in abusive relationships. Some profess their love for the men who beat them and think they cannot do without them.
Some simply enjoy the doses of affection that come after a violent attack from their husbands. Marriage is not a do or die affair. Any union that would steal your peace and cut short your life span is not worth fighting for.

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Man beats teenager to death for molesting his 6-year-old girl

A 32-year-old man has been reportedly arrested by officers of the Oyo state police command for allegedly beating a boy for molesting his 6-year-old daughter.
The man identified as Saheed Oladimeji, was said to have beaten 14-year-old Matthew Ohiosumuan to death over the incident.
According to Daily Post, the incident occurred at Adagbada area of Arola community in Ido local government area of the state at about 5pm on May 5.

The man allegedly kicked and threw punches on the deceased until he became unconscious and finally died, but the man denied doing all of these, claiming that he only slapped the deceased’s buttocks and whipped him with rope.
“Matthew was the son of our next-door neighbour.
“On May 5, he called my daughter, Solia, to run an errand for him, but shortly after, I heard my daughter saying ‘Brother Matthew, leave me alone’.
“I called out to her to come back home and as she came, her looks were hard and she was holding her underpants.
“I asked her what went wrong and she said it was Matthew who removed her pants and slept on her.
“Immediately Matthew saw me questioning my daughter, he ran away.
“When Matthew’s brother, Seun, came from school, I reported the former to him. Later, I asked one Abdulahi to call Matthew for me.
“When he came, I asked him why he did what he did to my daughter, but he denied it in the presence of his brother, saying that he only asked her to buy rice for him. I called my daughter and she repeated what she told me.
“I took a rope and used it to whip Matthew and in the process he ran away. As he ran, he fell face down and fainted but I thought he was pretending.
“People poured water on him but he was just moving slightly. I took him to a nearby private hospital but as the doctor wanted to set drips for him, he discovered that he had stopped breathing.
“I never intended to injure the boy, as I always encouraged him to face his studies or learn a vocation, so that he would be a responsible boy. He was close to me and I used to advise him a lot. I also used to give him clothes that had become tight on me.
“I am so pained by his death because it was unexpected. I pray that God should save me from this problem. If God should get me out of this, I would never beat any child, even my own child,” the suspect explained.
Narrating how the incident occurred, the deceased’s brother, simply identified as Seun, said: “Oladimeji told me that my brother attempted to sleep with his daughter and showed me a rope that he intended to use to tie him down so that he could discipline him. When Matthew was called, he denied the allegation but the suspect did not believe him.
“He first whipped him with a rope and I told him that the reprimand was enough but he did not listen to me.
“He started raining blows on his head, and two sides. This made Matthew to fall down but this did not deter Oladimeji.
“He started kicking the deceased so hard that passers-by had to caution him not to kill him. But he replied that if Matthew died, he would go and bury at Powerline Cemetery at Apete.
“Unfortunately, Matthew could not get up.”
“But Oladimeji said he was pretending. When we noticed that he was gasping, we tried all we could to resuscitate him but all to no avail. That was when the suspect rushed him to a nearby hospital but my brother died before reaching the hospital.”
Femi Ohiomasuan, father of the late teenager, said that the suspect killed the only child he had from the mother.
Confirming the story, Adekunle Ajisebutu, the Oyo state police public relations officer, informed that  suspect had been charged to court and remanded in prison.

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Danfo driver allegedly beaten to death by policeman in Lagos over bribe

A commercial bus driver, popularly called ‘Danfo’, has been reportedly beaten to death by a police officer after he refused to part with some bribe money the officer had demanded.
According to reports, the incident happened in the evening of Sunday, May 22, at the Igando area of Lagos State.
It was gathered that the policeman had stopped the driver and demanded to be ‘settled’ but the man refused to give him any money, stating that he had already given some other officers some money when he passed the route earlier.

But this explanation did not go down well with the officer who allegedly dragged the driver out of his bus and started beating him.
He did not stop beating the man until he fell inside a drainage and died after hitting his head against the concrete.

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