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See The Look On This Baby's Face When Mum&Dad Kissed(Pictures)

You might, at one point or another, been a witness to a clingy baby.

Kids are very much attached to their parents and when it looks like someone else is getting the attention they crave, they might actually feel jealous.


Little Ella is five months old. Her parents are Matt and Krissy Hanneken. Little Ella loves getting attention so when her parents decided to show their love for each other in her presence, little Ella was not having it.


One night, when her parents were kissing, Ella got so adorably jealous. Evidently, she was once a fan of these nighttime kisses, but this time was a little different.

“But this one particular night, it was really late at night, she was way tired,” said Matt. “And we did it and she looked at us like, ‘what did you just do?!’“Every time we’d done it before she was all smiles, all giggles.”



Her parents decided to share a kiss to get Ella to smile again but they were met with the most adorable, charming look of betrayal on Ella’s face.

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