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13 Simple Things You've Been Doing The Wrong Way All Your Life

You have probably been doing most of your daily activities the wrong way without even realizing it. It may seem totally normal to you but it is wrong.

After going through this post, you will realize that there are many things you’ve been doing wrong without knowing.

1. Instead of crossing words out with lines, cross them out with letters so they won’t be legible

2. The right way to eat an apple is from top to bottom not biting into the sides

3. The right way to wear earphones is by coiling it over the ear

4. Don’t try to clean a blender by scrubbing it, instead just add water with dish washing liquid and blend it

5. You have been brushing your teeth the wrong way

6. Moisturizer is not supposed to be rubbed into your skin, just slightly tapped. Thats all... 

7. The right way to pour juice from a carton box

8. Turns out we have all been pooping the wrong way our entire lives

9. The juice is held in much more when the watermelon is cut crosswise instead

10. You have been doing it the wrong way

11. The right way to cut mango is to cut in cubes before peeling them

12. If you want your drink to get cold fast, put a wet kitchen roll around the drink and then put it in the freezer. It will be will cold enough in 15 minutes

13. Turn the tab and place the straw through the tab, it will keep the straw from rising out of your can

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