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See What Was Done To Students Who Were Late To School

The world we live in is a mean one; people derive pleasure in doing things that will make others suffer.

What many do not know is that we are sojourners in this world, knowing this will help you to be conscious of every step you take. 

See what was done to students who got to school late

One has to be cautious when dealing with children. Since we cannot live forever, one will have to hand over to them at one point or the other because they are future leaders. You cannot afford to use force on them simply because you are in power and you have all it takes to make them suffer.

Every one has one or two stories to share when asked about education. People in their 30s may recall being dealt with by mean teachers in school. There are some teachers that have missed out on being helped in life because of the role they played while training their pupils.

In the same light, some teachers have received special recognition for the role they played during their service years. It is no longer news that some get political appointments when the appreciative students get into power.

But in the case of the director of a school located in Ebang neighbourhood in Yaounde, Cameroon, one can never tell if the future leaders will be ready to assist him if they ever get into power. 

See what was done to students who got to school lateThe director of this school is known for punishing pupils by forcing them to kneel and crawl in mud whenever they go late to school.

It is quite understandable that students get punished as part of the educational system in some parts of the world. But to be insensitive to their ages and weather condition when they are being punished is absolutely mean.

See what was done to students who got to school late

On a military training ground, this punishment may be appropriate, but for a punishment of this magnitude to be meted out on school children is scary. It could discourage the children from going to school while driving the thought of education farther from their minds.

It was gathered that the school director does not bother about the ages of the children being punished once they get late to school. The pictures in this post will move you to pity as you will wonder how children are supposed to learn while going through so much suffering. 

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