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Why You Must Eat Pawpaw On A Daily Basis

There are indeed a lot of benefits embedded in pawpaw as a fruit. Also known as Carica papaya, this tropical fruit with Central America and Southern Mexico origins is sweet and delicious.

 Although this fruit can also be found in other tropical regions, people have derived different uses for it in accordance with their needs. Pawpaw is a fruit that is loaded with healthy benefits that will keep you active and healthy. Pawpaw does not belong in the citrus fruit group like oranges, yet, it has a wide range of uses. It contains vitamin C and has about 144 percent of the recommended daily allowance of this vitamin. Consuming this fruit on a regularly basis will improve your immune system since vitamin C is an immune booster. It also doubles as an antioxidant that is efficient.

Pawpaw is a considered to be a nutritional storehouse which has effective digestive enzymes. It contains wonderful chemicals and minerals in addition to the flavonoids and carotenoids present in it. Taking this fruit regularly will reduce your chances of having cardiovascular health issues. It will also protect you from developing colon cancer. Papaya is considered to be a good source of fiber as it aids digestion and also helps to lower cholesterol levels. It also helps in lowering inflammation and reduces pains from burns when the skin is being used. Diabetic patients also benefit a lot from using the skin and eating this fruit. The low sugar content and high content of minerals and fiber makes it perfect for those who are trying to regulate their sugar intake.

 The leaves can also be used for therapeutic purposes as it can be soaked or boiled to cure or reduce the impact of certain ailments. To regulate blood sugar levels, pawpaw leaves soaked in water and strained can be consumed for 2 to 3 days to reduce the levels. For those who are interested in having a smooth, youthful and healthy skin that glows, you can apply the papaya pulp on your skin in order to achieve this.
The pulp for the skin care can be made by mixing about 100 gram of papaya pulp with a teaspoon of honey. Use the pulp to mask your face and wash off after twenty minutes with cold water. Poor eating habits contribute to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. This, if left unchecked, could make your skin dull. Apart from the vitamin C contained in pawpaw, it also contains vitamin A which is important for good vision as well as skin health. This vitamin that is easily available in pawpaw also helps in fighting macular degeneration.
 Papaya also contains riboflavin, thiamin, pyridoxine, and folate

It is important to eat this fruit regularly since we cannot produce them naturally. Adding this fruit to your diet will make it easier for your body to absorb these vitamins.

Conclusively, the nutrients contained in pawpaw will help fight health conditions like atherosclerosis, heart problems and rheumatoid arthritis.

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