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COFFEE LOVERS: Read What Will Happen To You When You Drink Coffee Without Food

There are some people that are addicted to drinking coffee; they would rather start their day with this cup of delight in order to stay sharp all day.  

Some love it so much they would rather have it than to drink water. Many consider it a routine as the day may start awfully if one or two cups of the brown delight are not gulped down. Drinking coffee is good for the body as there are many benefits loaded in it.

 As refreshing as a cup of coffee is, taking it on an empty stomach can cause serious health issues. It is important for you to know when to take a product and when not to. Coffee is good for the body but taking it at the wrong time can interfere with the normal functioning of the body. The amount of hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach increases when coffee is being taken on an empty stomach. A long term effect of this contributes to the development of gatritis, an inflammation of the stomach lining.

Taking coffee on an empty stomach may seem appropriate to people who start their mornings with it. However, the high levels of the hydrochloric acid produced can interfere with the digestion and absorption of proteins.
This is one of the reasons why people suffer from inflammation of the bowel, bloating and irritation. Taking coffee on an empty stomach can also cause colon cancer. In addition to this, it can increase the levels of cortisol in the body. This hormone helps us to stay awake and  sends signals to that part of our brain that controls staying awake.

Now that you know this, we believe you will drink your coffee with caution.

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