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GIST: Nigerian Banks Are Behaving Like MMM This December

This December Nigerians banks have made it hard for millions of Nigerians to withdraw money from ATMs.

Nigerian banks have had no chill this December especially within the last 7 days. A week before Christmas several ATMs in Lagos had no cash in them or had one technical difficulty or the other.
When it was two days to Christmas it was really bad and on Christmas eve, it was a nightmare. In several banks, hundreds of people lined up to withdraw their money for the holidays but Nigerians banks had other plans.
This however was not only a Lagos thing. According to social media, banks refused to allow people to withdraw via ATMs during this Christmas period. Many people stuck in queues lamented why their banks would treat them like this especially during the holiday season when they needed their money the most. Their cries and pleas fell on deaf ears and hundreds of people had to queue for hours just to withdraw their money.
This has been a normal occurrence during the holiday season. Nigerian banks love to hold back money from people because they fear that their won't be any money left in their branches if people take out all their cash. This year the situation was worse due to the cash crunch from the economic recession.
The long queues at ATMs will surely go on to the New Year when most people would have spent all their savings after spending hours in banks.
This situation reminds me of the popular Ponzi scheme MMM which announced that it was freezing operations in December due to some system overload of sorts. Nigerian banks are sort of like MMM. They are basically withholding money from Nigerians who entrusted them with their savings. At the end of the day you could say they froze operations too.
I guess the fans of MMM were sort of right. The antics of most Nigerian banks led millions to invest in Ponzi schemes. Surprisingly, the CBN has always looked the other way during this period. No bank has been sanctioned for its poor ATM services during holidays.

XCLUSIVE SPORTS: I Will Not Kill Myself To Win Ballon D'or - Neymar

Barcelona forward, Neymar, has said it would never be a problem for him, if he never gets to win the Ballon D’Or award.
The Brazilian finished in fifth place in the 2016 award, with Cristiano Ronaldo winning the prize ahead of Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann.
Neymar, who is considered one of the future contenders for the Ballon D’Or, says he will not lose any sleep over winning it.
“I am very happy in Barcelona, at this team and with the life I have,” the 24-year-old told the official La Liga website.
“Of course, it is my goal to win the Ballon d’Or, but I am not going to kill myself for it.
“I want to be happy and I am happy here at Barcelona. It is not a problem if I do not win the Ballon d’Or.
“I do not play football to win the Ballon d’Or. I play football to be happy, because I love it and want to play football.
“Winning the Ballon d’Or is the consequence of your work. Unfortunately, only one person can win it and Leo Messi is the best.”

XCLUSIVE: Mourinho warns teams above Manchester United

Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho, has vowed to hunt down the teams above them in the Premier League.
The Red Devils claimed their fourth Premier League wins in a row, with a 3-1 win over Sunderland on Boxing Day.
Although United remain sixth, Mourinho is confident that his players can close the gap on teams ahead of them.
“I don’t care [about the table], honestly,” he said after the match.
“I care about the way we play, I care about our results and to get the maximum points possible and what happens, happens.
“Last week, Man City against Arsenal, somebody has to lose points, and more of those matches will come. We’re playing well, we’re more confident.
“We’ve had good performances for quite some time. Finally we have the good results – four victories and 12 points in a row.
“The players know the principles of how we play and they’re comfortable, but we need to improve.”

XCLUSIVE: How Kiss Daniel Escaped Death On Christmas Day in Calabar

It happened the “Mama” singer was performing live on stage at the Christmas Village in Calabar on Christmas Day when the armed robbers stormed the market’s vendors and their customers, shooting sporadically into the air.

According to Guardian, a shop owner, who sold food at the village, Glory Akpan, revealed: “I was wounded. Some boys came into the village and tried to rob that guy, who sings “Oya talk to me o Mama” (Kiss Daniel), while he was performing. They threw bottles and other dangerous objects at him. They later brought out guns and began to shoot sporadically.
The robbers attacked him and removed his clothes. They would have killed him. I don’t know how he survived that night.
“There were thousands of people in the Christmas Village and the situation caused pandemonium. They broke everything in my shop. They carried all my money and robbed many shops. Our chairs were broken. Everybody ran helter-skelter.
“Cars were smashed. They broke some cars to steal from them. At a point, the lights went off and I thought I was going to die. There were missing children and parents and kids ran in different directions.”
She continued: “After the incident, we were too afraid to go back to our shops and we had to sleep at a tent located inside the council. Someone collected N500 from each person to spend the night there. We slept on bare floor.
“Someone even stole my pot of melon soup, which was on fire. This is the first time such a thing would happen since the beginning of the Christmas festival. I am not sure I will come next year.”